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Mama behind Mama Bear & Cubs

Hello! I am Kimmy the Mama behind Mama Bear & Cubs.
I love jewellery & accessories, so breastfeeding & teething necklaces were something that hugely appealed to me when breastfeeding my 3 little ones. The grabby little hands, hair pulling & dreaded niplash were all reasons I decided to make my own and set up what is now 3 years on a thriving little business with a focus on empowering mamas to breastfeed, normalise breastfeeding and celebrate all breastfeeding journeys. 
Our necklaces are a perfect combination of style & practicality, a must have accessory for all mamas to enjoy with their little one while snuggled together. We design safe jewellery for your little one to chew on when teething, grasp when feeding & provide sensory stimulation, all while looking stylish on mama!
As you know a Mother's breastfeeding journey is filled with many triumphs (with a few tears & sleepless nights along the way) Our breastfeeding range celebrates the hard work, strength and determination of all milk making mamas no matter how long you breastfed for!
We are so excited to team up with Sarah as we have been following her amazing brand for such a long time now. We are offering all of you 15% off for the month of March. Use code STYLISHMUM at checkout.
Remember you are b( . )( . )obin amazing mama!
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