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I lost eight pregnancies in nine years by Charlotte Kingsbury

Charlotte Kingsbury, from Lambley, Nottinghamshire, underwent years of fertility treatment and gave birth to 21-week-old Ansel in the summer but said she remains conscious that so many parents do not experience that happiness.

Charlotte, who works as a HR project officer at the University of Nottingham, has raised money for The Zephyr's centre at Nottingham City Hospital, which supports families through pregnancy loss or the death of a baby or child.

She said she wanted to help other mums access the same level of support. Charlotte says: 

Dear friends, I know many of you have seen that Ansel and I are featured in the BBC news today as part of their personal stories coverage and thank you to those who have reached out to me. You can see it here BBC News

They had to cut some things from the interview and unfortunately this included important things such as;
💚 how not everybody can or even wants to keep going and sometimes stopping can be the right choice;
💛 given that I wanted to keep trying, how privileged I am to have been able to get the help I needed, taking into account the huge cost, the postcode lottery of fertility services, and the impact that things like race and wealth can have on access to treatment and support;
🧡 how family and friends can support people experiencing infertility and loss and the importance of listening and being there rather than trying to offer advice or 'cheering up' (breaking the silence and stigma and encouraging us to talk about our feelings and lost babies if we want to);
❤️ how people who are going through it can access support for themselves! I did name various charities, services and Instagram communities but it got cut for time. You all know that the @hope_pregnancy_after_loss group at @zephyrsnottingham particularly helped me but also Instagram communities like those fostered by @itscatandalice and national charities like @tommys @sandscharity @arcantenatal and @petalscharity
My fundraisers for Zephyr's and Tommy's are still open, for those who have asked/offered (thank you) - for Zephyr's and the same address but with a 2 at the end for Tommy's.
Lots of love from #babyacorn🐿 and I
If you are affected by pregnancy related issues, help and support is available on the BBC Action Line page.
Charlotte is a wonderfully supportively member of out Stylish Mum community  and she wears her rainbow nursing twinning tops from Stylish Mum