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Breastfeeding At Christmas

The Christmas nursing top of dreams from Stylish Mum!

Everything about this Christmas breastfeeding top is so beautiful. Let’s start with the print design!

It’s a sweet little print or a mother and baby intertwined into a traditional Christmas fairisle print! Which is so unique, and very cute, and even cuter on the small baby sized top! I just love baby Christmas clothes and baby unisex clothes. Perfect for passing to other babies !

The colour, now have you ever seen any colour more Christmassy? Nothing screams Christmas to me than all the bright red colours! I absolutely love it. I’ve never owned anything this colour in my wardrobe before, now I have this I think it’s given me the confidence to buy some more breastfeeding friendly clothes in this colour too.

The fit of the nursing top is perfect, and true to size for both mama and infant. It’s material is super thick! (Just what you want on cold winter days). Certainly the best nursing tops for winter

How do nursing tops work? The nursing flap is placed amazingly on the top, and underneath is a wrap style top. This is amazing because it makes it easy for you to adjust yourself and baby when you’re ready to breastfeed, and you can be as discreet as you like! (And also keep yourself warm without having to reveal your skin too much).

I love that mum and baby matching - I try to match my outfits to my children as much as I can, so My most favourite thing about the nursing top is that I can match with my baby throughout the christmas period!

Thank you Stylish mum for providing these amazing breastfeeding tops with mum and baby matching options !